6 Common Mistakes Computer Users Must Avoid

1. Use Ransomware Protection

One mistake that a great many computer users make, is not having some kind of ransomware protection on their system.

Ransomware is basically a kind of malicious file that once it gets on your system, will locate and block sensitive information on your computer behind encryption. Thus, in order to access this information, you will have to pay the virus creator, hence the ransom in ransomware.

This is without a doubt, one of the worst situations that could occur on your system, but it is preventable if you are know-how. The most effective thing that you can do, is use antivirus software, which will prevent any ransomware viruses from getting onto your system. There are a number of tools that you can use, some specialist anti-ransomware tools that you can look into, and also a built-in Windows feature called Controlled Folder Access.

This built-in Windows feature is highly adept at keeping your system safe and works excellently well in conjunction with Microsoft Defender. It’s advisable that you use both, but at the very least Controlled Folder Access, to protect your most sensitive data from hackers and malicious files.

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